You have chosen an ideal location, scheduled the moving company, informed your customers and staff, and now there is only one thing left …just organize your IT moving.

Does it sound very overwhelming? It does not need to be!

No matter whether your IT office department includes one person or have the Managed IT Provider that can do most of their work for you, it is necessary you plan every detail of the office move exactly and enough in advance. Remember that lots of carriers need long lead times in installation, thus planning your office IT relocation isn’t something that you would like to leave until last minute. Following the given checklist can help you to arrange as well as supervise your move effectively, securely, and without any interruptions in the new office it setup Tokyo services. This can save you money and time, and keep your customers and staff happy.

IT Provider

Things to know

  • Plan your IT moving well in advance.
  • Around 2 months before your move: Contact carriers, ISPs, and technology vendors to inform them about your move.
  • Schedule the site visit at a new office location and review the network cabling needs.
  • Check all the equipment. Suppose your network system is old, office move is the good time for updating your equipment. Suppose you plan accordingly, then you can have the network up & running in new space before your moving day comes. These are some steps to follow when reviewing the equipment.