Mariyam Bashir Dawood Building can be the best back up for the nation which can be successful enough since it accommodates all types of the hi-fi simulators, the well-designed teaching spaces, as well as there is also the implementation  of the specialist medical learning type of the environments. The idea could be enough to help favour the kinds of telemedicine clinics. This could also work well with the cardiac catheterisation lab which could be really favoured with the phantom-head dental lab. The device could be made even a better one with the state-of-the-art amenities all of which could the also boosted with the help of the first-class communications technology. The idea could be a real value to the quality of education which is conducted at AKUH. This could help it to actually go with the higher heights. bashir dawood gave his 100% for the improvement.

specialist medical learning

Why the strategy could be really successful?

Philanthropist MariyamDawood proved to be extremely humbled to give a medical building which could be enough to give the unwavering support in terms of the medical research.  Dawood family could also prove themselves to be successful enough in funding numerous charities in Pakistan which could bring the implementation of the best quality facilities. This could really prove to be the best in terms of the sustainable, resolutions aiming at the global healthcare endeavour.